***2nd Video Contest Due Date Change***

Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
October 11, 2015

This email was just sent to competitors… I am stoked on the interest and caliber of surfers entering the 2nd video contest! It is now it my court to do it justice and produce a great platform to showcase these videos. I am just not going to have time to get it in order this month with some other projects we’ve got going on… I can say it is going to be a great month and some VERY exciting things are a’happening!!! Thanks for the support. E

Hi Folks!

Thank you for registering or expressing interest in the 2nd PaddleWoo $3,000 Video Contest. My name is Erik and I run PaddleWoo and host the podcast.

Due to the interest and number of entrants I am going have to push back the due date for 2 reasons…

1. I am in the process of finding a software solution to handle the online voting and for us to have some sort of heat and round setup… So there will be a few groups of videos and then the winners will move ahead to a final.

2. Sponsorship… We have a media partner of Standup Journal and I am confident that TheInertia.com will run our second contest (they ran the first). I would like to find some sponsorship to grow the prize money for you guys. If you have ideas, I’d be happy to hear them. But for now, it is guaranteed at $3,000, and we pay (just ask the guys in the last contest… we actually paid out more than promised)

I am always open to feedback and suggestions. The goal here it create a platform to showcase the best surfing in our sport without the expense of having to fly around the world and try to get lucky with waves… Everyone’s got a shot!

The Due Date for the videos is December 4th, 2015. That gives you an extra month to get footage.

Thank you,

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