Breaking Down Stroke with Larry Cain, Podcast

Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
September 5, 2016

John, from Distressed Mullet, posted this video a while back –

I use it as inspiration to focus on stroke while surfing.  After a few weeks of using Larry’s stroke as a model for power and hinge I thought it would be great to get him on the show.  I asked.  He was into it.  And here it is…

Our discussion could have been broken into two shows.  The first half is a technical stroke discussion.  The back half is a window into the mindset needed to win gold in the olympics.  Both are valuable.


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  • Aleksey Myagkov

    Hello, Erik. Thank you for this podcast episode. Larry is truly a legend.
    I have some competitive flatwater canoe background and I enjoyed Larry’s explanation of the paddling technique and the “feel of flow”. That’s exactly how I have been taught to paddle by my coaches. That said, I SUP surf only and I think I have a pointer for surf paddling specifically that works for me.
    – Sprint: When trying to catch a wave and I need a burst of speed. While I have most of my weight on the paddle, I don’t do a full stroke, but series of short fast strokes (3/4 of a regular stroke) just to get the board moving. I still apply the same technique that Larry explained: keep my hands straight, wrists relaxed, initiate the stroke from my legs in a wave-like motion, open shoulders up.
    thanks again!

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