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Surf the waves featured in the Progression Project Film with expert instruction from 2X Costa Rica National Champ and host of the Film and Podcast, Erik Antonson.

A Deliberate Approach to Paddle Surfing, and Learning

Thank you for taking the time to explore the progression project and contemplate training with me and our team in Nosara, Costa Rica.  If you’ve listened to the podcast or read my journal you understand my commitment to define and deconstruct the sport.  If you haven’t, that’s a great first step in your progression in paddle surfing and in learning the art of deliberate practice as a way to mastery.

We offer paddle surfing retreats and private coaching.  Retreat dates are below, for private coaching email me here.


Partnered Retreats – Paddle Surfing plus Awesome


I enjoy learning as much as I do teaching.  After selling a company in 2015 and contemplating what I wanted to do, one day after a surf I joked, “I just want to surf in the morning and learning something amazing from someone awesome in the afternoon.”  Then I thought, I bet there’s other people out there who would love that too.  Hence, partnered retreats.  Our crew will teach paddle surfing in the mornings and amazing folks who are experts in other skills to lead afternoons.

This year the Progression Project is hosting retreats with Eric Goodman of Foundation Training, Bobby Kim a world class freediver on heavy waterman skills and Chandler Williams on Surf Photograghy.

Erik is a dear friend, a world-class human, a dude whose passion for life and water and relentless learning inspires to no end. He’s also a brilliant coach–that rare combination of: 1) all-in artist, expanding, every day, the outer limits of his own level, 2) a conceptual mind that weaves fluidly between technical nuance and broader principles, and 3) a finely-tuned nose for the essence of a student’s growth edge. Training with Erik is an honor and an absolute blast.

You Have 2 Options to Train – All-Inclusive Retreats or Private Coaching


Either way you’re going to have a blast.  Which fits your plan?


Our All-Inclusive retreats are perfect if you’d like to book your plane ticket and let us take care of the rest.  Hosts Erik and Sarah Antonson and Oscar Diaz, a local Tico and excellent paddle surfer, have lived in Nosara, Costa Rica for over 10 years and have it covered.  The best lodging, the best food and most importantly, the best local surf knowledge.  Erik’s previous business was (which he sold in 2015 to focus on his passion of paddle surfing), where for 5 years straight he wrote the daily surf report for the area.  So, you’ll have the best chance to score the best surf!

Private coaching is optimal if you’d prefer to bring your family and mix a family vacation to Nosara with world class paddle surf coaching.  With private coaching we’ll surf a morning session and then break down video.  You’ll have the afternoon free to relax with the family or surf again and practice your key drills.  We can help you set up lodging and meals, but it’s not included.

Pricing for All-Inclusive camps starts at $2,595.

Pricing for Private Coaching for 1 or 2 surfers is $1,500 for 5 sessions.

Explore All-Inclusive Retreats

Let’s Go Surf!

Blue Zone SUP offers Paddle Surfing focused retreats in Nosara, Costa Rica. We provide everything, you just show up surf and learn. Our head coach, Erik Antonson, is the host of the PaddleWoo Podcast and the current Costa Rica National Paddle Surfing Champion.

We’re Paddle Surfing Focused, but feel free to bring your shortboard, or a friend who surfs. It’s all water time to us!

Our retreats include:


  • Top Level Instruction
  • Pro Video/Photo
  • Fresh Local Food
  • Large Board Inventory
  • Surf, Fish, Dive

What’s it like?  Watch below…

The Food is super good in Costa Rica.  We accomodate for your diet.


Nosara is the best place to live, surf and relax.


Explore Private Coaching

Now that I am back home I realize that I make more progress in one session with you than I do in several months on my own. Javier Olivan

Head of Growth, Facebook

On the Cover!

A recent trip with Colin McPhillips and the Hobie team was featured on the cover of Standup Paddle Magazine.

On the Tim Ferriss show!

Listen to Tim Ferriss and Josh Waitzkin discuss working with Erik.  Josh said “Erik’s an incredible coach, a deep mind…”

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