Quick update on life –

Quick update on life –

What’s up folks!!!  I’ve been missing you all, missing the show, writing, surfing…  It’s been a crazy journey for us in the past 8 months, but it’s time to come back out from under the rock and share what I’ve been up to…

First and foremost our family appreciates all the well wishes for Sarah, we had some scary times, but she’s doing very well and has taken on this challenge with incredible strength and grace.   Our kids are taking on Florida life, school, activities better than we hoped.  They might like living here more now – who would have thought?

Chase Kosterlitz is down in Nosara, running Blue Zone SUP with Oscar and they are kicking ass.  I can say that from a technical surfing standpoint, Blue Zone is the best camp on the planet.  I just spent the week with them running a small group of friends.  Still can’t believe that I got to spend a few years pretending surfing was my job, coaching, writing, learning the sport…  and I’m super happy it won’t go away.  With Oscar and Chase, Blue Zone is stronger than ever and I’ll get to drop in and pretend I’m working every couple months.  You’ll see a ton of improvements coming, and I’m stoked with the new energy that Chase and Oscar are bringing! (more…)

Chase Kosterlitz Podcast – Chase Joins Blue Zone SUP!!!

Chase Kosterlitz Podcast – Chase Joins Blue Zone SUP!!!


Chase Kosterlitz, best known from his accolades in the SUP racing world has joined us on the Blue Zone SUP team and will be coaching in Costa Rica this year starting in November. Chase is also an incredible surfer and I’m pumped to have him on the team as his skillset in paddling, surfing and coaching will be a huge asset. His path to surfing is different from both Oscar, our other coach, and mine, in that Chase started as a racer and then moved into surfing four years ago. That’s the path that about 50% of our guests are taking and the strategic move to bring on Chase is to be able to communicate more effectively with our racing/touring clientele.

On this episode of the podcast we discuss how we met in the Bahamas this year at the JP dealer meeting, how flow has impacted our lives and how surfing is the highest form of flow we’ve yet discovered, and we get to know Chase and his athletic background.

Email us at erik@progressionproject.com to reserve your spot for the upcoming season, availability starts in late November and we’re running through April.

Raw Video Breakdown #3 – Ryan

Hey there… Here’s a quick video breakdown from some footage sent in by Ryan. If you’re interested in having me break down some of your video send me an email or make a donation on my patreon page.  And, if you like instruction like this, but want to get immediate feedback on great waves reserve your spot at Blue Zone SUP for this upcoming season.

Enjoy… E


Raw Video Breakdown #3 – Ryan from The Progression Project on Vimeo.

The Future of SUP with Erik Logan, SUP’s Biggest Fan and Advisor

Erik Logan is a unique voice in the world of paddling.  He’s achieved success on global scale, both in running SiriusXM and now the Oprah Winfrey Network.  His love of paddle surfing started at the age of 42 when his wife gave him a wetsuit…  I wonder if she had any clue where it would lead.

Erik makes time for the people and activities he cares about, and that extends beyond the water to helping his friends in career and business pursuits.  His group of friends, Kalama, Laird, Dave Boehne, Brent Deal, to name a few, combined with his willingness to help and in some instances partner, has given Erik an insider’s, vested vantage point to our sport.

And it’s landed him on the board of USA Surfing, where he’s using his effectiveness and business acumen to help our sport grow.  And we say thanks!

If you didn’t listen to my first podcast with Erik Logan click here.

Below are some photos of the US Nationals that were held by USA Surfing in San Diego in June.  Izzi Gomez and Emmy Merrill, and Sean Poynter and Giorgio Gomez will be representing the US for surfing in Denmark this year at the ISA World Games.

Notes on foot position for speed and turn placement

Notes on foot position for speed and turn placement

Here’s a simple cheatsheet for foot position in surfing.

You can break maneuvers into two categories.  Speed conserving/generating and speed killing.

Foot position for speed conserving/generating maneuvers is generally on top of or right in front of (towards the nose) the front fin on the inside (in the water) rail.

Foot position for speed killing turns, sharper snaps and cutbacks, is on the back fin, inside rail.

Front foot position should almost always be on the stringer (center) and in a vertical location where you have access without moving it to the tail.

Spray signature is a good way to tell what type of turn is happening.  Conserving turns,  done off the front fin, use the rail and spray is smaller and thicker.  These turns aren’t your best photos normally. (weak wave, wrapping back into the pocket.  Below)

Big sprays come from turning velocity into force and throw water off the tail.  Fins out turns, tight snaps. (Steep section, sliding tail, killing speed, but lots of potential energy.  Below)

Placement of turns –

Speed conserving turns are done in areas of low potential energy on the wave.  The bottom of the wave for bottom turns, the weak shoulder for cutbacks.  (Rail buried, weight forward, back foot over larger front fin.  Below)


Speed burning turns should be done in areas of high potential energy where you can burn your speed and then “drop” back into the wave regaining velocity.  Think a skater stalling at the top of a vert ramp.  He can rest for a second and then redrop.  Same holds true for surfing, tail throwing turns off the lip kill the majority of your speed, but you’re high on a steep section of the wave, so regain velocity on the drop.

(Lots of spray show that the top turn killed speed, but all the speed you need is in the wave, all potential energy.  Below)


Hope that helps… E