Coaching and Camps

Come Surf with Me!

Paddle Surfing is my passion.  I also have a passion for coaching and sharing the art of paddle surfing.

Here’s what Javier Olivan, VP of Growth at Facebook, a great friend and client says about working with us:

Now that I am back home I realize that I make more progress in one session with you than I do in several months on my own.

Below is Javi on a sick one in November!


The camp I run is called Blue Zone SUP.  We’re the only camp in the area to have our own facility, Casa Corona.  This gives us flexibility in how we choose to run our weeks.  If you’d like to come to a full week SUP camp, you can look at Blue Zone SUP for our upcoming dates.  Or, if you’d like to bring down the family and have access to our board inventory and do some private coaching throughout the week we can set that up too.  Email me to check dates and rates.

Casa Corona, featured below, is the house that we ran both Progression Projects from…  You’ll be enjoying the same waves, food, and experiences that you heard about on the podcast with Kalama, Colin and Boehne.


We coach all levels and can taylor a week to your skill set.  We have an abundance of wave options within 15 minutes so whether you’d like to get barreled or ride soft waist-high rollers, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s guests Cindy and Merle enjoying a paddle and some small waves in the bay.


And here’s Adam Champagne, from Standup Journal, refining proper paddle technique on his second trip to our facilities.  Lindsey, who works for Soethby’s corporate, said Casa Corona is “Banging!”


I look forward to surfing and sharing what I’ve learned on this journey with you.  Contact me to start your journey!  Erik