Congratulations Mo Freitas!!!!! Mo Wins the 1st PaddleWoo Video Contest

Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
August 31, 2015September 4, 2015

A huge congrats to Mo Freitas who won the PaddleWoo video contest.  Mo won the voting, with both Colin McPhillips and Adam Champagne, from Standup Journal, having Mo in the top spot.  He also had the most view on his video and most votes.  Mo takes home $2,000 for the top spot.

After Mo it was too close to call for 2nd to 5th place…  I also didn’t feel I did a good job defining the judging criteria, so after long deliberations with Colin and Adam, we’ve decided to award four 2nd place finishers, and upping the prize purse to $4,800 to cover the difference.  Each 2nd place finisher receives $700.

Today, Colin McPhillips and Mo Freitas joined me on the PaddleWoo podcast to discuss the contest and explain why we decided to payout a bigger purse.  We talk about defining a better judging criteria for the 2nd Contest which will start in November.

Listen to Colin and Mo on this special episode of the podcast…  and stay tuned for the next episode with Giorgio Gomez, its one of my favorites…


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