Connor Baxter – World’s Best Paddler tells us how to Paddle, Plus all sorts of other good stuff…

Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
December 4, 2015

What up folks!!!  Thank you, as always, for tuning into the show and for loving this sport as much as I do.  I’ve had a crazy month down here in Costa Rica and my big takeaway after two weeks of the Progression Project and then last week coaching some of the world’s best learners is that this sport is incredibly challenging no matter where you find yourself the learning curve, and this challenge is the hook for high-drive, stubborn individuals…  You don’t conquer paddle surfing in a weekend, and the ocean has a way of putting you in your place and showing you a bit about yourself along the way.

We’ll dive deeper into all these thoughts in future episodes of the show, but today I’m stoked to bring you the best paddler on the planet…..  Connor Baxter.

I sat down (virtually) with Connor yesterday.  In the episode he walks us through his first major race victory and how that changed his life and his diligent approach to the sport after that moment.

The DON’T-MISS moment in the show is Connor walking us through his approach to paddling and his stroke on both the race and surf board.  He explains how riding a tiny paddle board in surf changes his stroke and the physiological issues with that and what he’s doing to compensate.  I can’t wait to get out there in this morning to work on his toe-side paddling backside turn (when you need to turn towards your toe-side, but don’t want to paddle heel-side paddle for surfing reasons.

This show is stacked with info, so listen to it… it will make you a better paddler.


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  • Ucycle

    Here is good vid on J stroke, been using these stroke on smaller board where . Thanks for recording the podcast.

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