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Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
June 19, 2017

What’s up folks!  It seems as though the raw video breakdown was a hit.  Lots of comments and emails requesting more raw video breakdowns, comprehensive maneuver breakdowns and remote coaching.

Given that there seems to be a demand and that I have the time (and much better internet which was my limiting factor for the last few years), I’m considering creating a coaching platform for paddle surfing.

Can you give me some feedback as to what you’d like to see and the value?  If I’m going to take this on, it would be a paid service.

Some notes… please let me know what resonates

Create a membership site where you’d have access to a database of raw footage and breakdowns.

Public platform to ask questions.

Put together specific maneuver tutorials showing beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers attempting the same maneuver.  With delineation of skills.

Ability to upload your videos to be broken down, could be added to the database to help grow collection of coaching.  (might be separate cost).

Bring in guest instructors/pros to discuss footage.


Question – Does anyone know the best way to be able to draw on video footage?

Alright, thanks in advance for the feedback.  This could be a fun project and help our sport.  E


Progression Journal


  • colas

    “Does anyone know the best way to be able to draw on video footage?” I wonder if you could use an ultra-simple solution: change your mouse cursor to something more visible, and have some small windows lying around shaped as arrows, arcs, etc, that you could move over the video and stay above it. I dont know the Mac well enough to know how to do this on it, though.

    Try to find some “desktop post-it notes” apps, where you can have them in many shapes, and keep them in front via something like

  • jasonkadlec

    Camtasia for mac is super easy to use, and make an arrow, add some text and what not.

    I wonder if you could open the Camtasia project – use that to scrub back and forth, and drag/drop an arrow etc — and screen cast that ( eg you’d use some other screen cast program to capture what you’re doing in the Camtasia app), so you could still go “real time” and not have to like start/stop the recording while you add an arrow or draw a circle or something.

  • Steve

    Hi Erik,

    I think remote coaching is a great idea.

    I joined Paddle Monster for a couple of months to check it out after your podcast with Larry Cain. I am not a distance paddler but it was interesting to see some of the features on Paddle Monster – features that could be a good model for a surfing SUP coaching site.

    A video library of specific techniques and moves, with different levels of paddlers doing the moves – would be an excellent resource that I personally would be happy to pay for. There have been specific points mentioned on podcasts, for example, Connor Baxter’s J-Stroke technique for always paddling on your toe side, where a video would be extremely helpful.

    It would be totally cool if you could cover the entire path of becoming a SUP surfer, from getting your first board, land training, paddling drills, turn instruction, etc., I think it would be a much needed resource and it would fill a void.

    Thanks for the great podcasts and for the Progression Journal. I have used both extensively.



  • Jonathan Kacal

    Erik, very interested in the remote coaching. I think the membership portal would be great including the tutorials. For example, I’ve been working on the front side bottom turn since the camp but having trouble with the backside bottom turn. It’s a bit difficult for me to get footage in the waves but the video break down is the best way supported by the tutorials.

  • Adam Jones

    I’d be interested in a public forum as well as tutorials and remote coaching (private, paid submittals) – it may help to focus people on using SoloShot or Trace/Gopro footage to help the evaluation.

    On another note, you should definitely pickup kiteboarding, it really helps keep our sanity on the east coast in the summer months, and it makes knee high days with 15 knots of wind a ton of fun on a strapless surfboard. Get your kite skills down and you will pick up the rest really quickly.

    Glad you are back posting, especially since I broke my foot 4 days ago skateboarding.

  • Adam Jones

    Oh, and far as drawing on video, try screencastomatic – Pro Version, a guy I know who is a meteorologist with windalert/ikitesurf uses it (which by the way, if you are kiting, is a great site and worth the annual dues).

  • Janna Van Hoof

    very interested in remote coaching and becoming a better coach for my students. I’ve been waiting for someone to do this for o too long, hook it up! 🙂

  • Aleksey Myagkov

    I would pay for video coaching. I think, the Progression Project website already has a most of training content in place. It’s just a matter of organizing it by categories, something like paddling, basics, moves. Similar to 110% surfing series.
    The insights(technical interviews) from the pros and the industry experts definitely would be a big plus. (I’ve listened podcast on Fins probably 10 times).

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