Episode 14 of the Paddlewoo Podcast features Dave Kalama.  Dave is a modern father of our sport, he and Laird Hamilton were a few of the first to start Standup Paddling while training for big waves during the offseason.  Over a decade later his vision for SUP continues to shape our sport.

While this episode is one of my personal favorites, our discussion on the future of SUP surfing I have thought about many times since recording.  Dave believes that as long as SUP surfing’s aspiration is to be as similar to shortboarding as possible, and the contest criteria is the same, we’ll always be seen as a watered down version of surfing.  He explains he would like to see more focus on style, and even possibly have a size restriction for boards…  Do you agree???  Listen to the podcast and post your feedback in the comments below.


Watch Dave’s Ted Talk – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLq8aA_C9so

Imagine Paddleboards – http://www.imaginesurf.com

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Erik is the founder and host of the PaddleWoo podcast, 2X Costa Rica National SUP Surf Champion and owner of Blue Zone SUP Camps.

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