Designing a Board with Kirk McGinty – Part 5, Shaped and frothing!

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Yeah… I’m frothing to surf this baby!

Kirk recommended 2×6 glassing on the deck, 1×6 on the bottom and carbon rails.  I don’t mind pressure dings on the deck, actually kind of like a bit, lets you know where you are, so no carbon or weave on the deck.

The show last night in St. Aug was great.  Stoked to meet the local paddle surf crew.  Some passionate folks.  Tonight we’re in Jacksonville at Black Creek Outfitters, then this weekend at Mex 1 Cantina on Sullivan’s Island in Charleston after the Chucktown Showdown.  Hope to see you.

Published by Erik Antonson

Erik is the founder and host of the PaddleWoo podcast, 2X Costa Rica National SUP Surf Champion and owner of Blue Zone SUP Camps.

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  1. i highly recommend getting S-glass if there is an option for it. In term of price, it is not much more than standard e-glass. I think most SUP shaper don’t offer the S-glass b/c its hard to find wide S-glass fabric. Love the look of your new board and hope i get to see your Progression Project in the near future. thanks

  2. Ditto on the S glass. My homemade 7’7″ x26.5″ (first and only board I’ve ever made) would not still be in one piece were it not for the ‘s’ glass I’m sure. Seems to have less heel dents than other boards I’ve seen and that must be the glass rather than my abysmal laminating skills. That said though, it’s prob not so important for someone experienced

  3. You can count on it being light. I’m on my second S-glass L41. Love them both.

    I like Kirk’s split tail. It seems to help the board transition nicely.

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