Here’s the initial design for the TV Dinner.  And the note from Kirk –

Original dims on the TVD were a typo.  The 7’0 x 27.5 x 3.875 is 92L.  This one 6’8 x 27.5 x 3.75 is 85L.  I offer two versions of tail design — One with split tail and another with a diamond “fang” tail with single channel.  Personally I prefer this split tail design to shorten rail line and remove surface area under your back foot to make it easier to turn.  This board is amazing.  And you will surely hear this from folks who are riding it.  Lightening fast, loose, responsive, stable for it’s size, etc.  Not well suited for big, hollow waves but perfect for head high and under points, reefs, beaches.

image-4 unnamed


Thoughts…  I’ve tried a few of the tomo style boards and haven’t found anything I’ve enjoyed riding yet.  They’ve all felt massive, and what’s the point of having a small board that feels huge.  But, from what Kirk is telling me, and the emails I’m getting from you all, this board is different, and I’ve got to say from the look of these designs I can’t wait to ride one.

My initial thought is that I can paddle it narrower and for whatever board I get shaped I’ll probably go that way.  Either the TVD or the PD would most likely be a board that I’d opt to surf in smaller surf, that’s where Kirk is saying they excel, and I don’t normally surf small waves unless they’re clean.  We get our smaller surf Nov.-Feb. and our conditions that time of year are amazing.  So, clean surf means smaller board.  Or, for this test, narrower, at the same volume.

Kirk, what would be the difference in performance if I were to go 6.10 x 25.5?  How thick would that need to be?  Is that too narrow for a TVD?

I like the split tail design.

Maybe you could give us a quick overview on the feel of the TVD vs. the Popdart.  You know our waves here, and this board will be my go-to for chest to slightly overhead surf.  I surf a right point break, a mellow beach break and a nice beach break barrel.  Which board do you see being a better fit?



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