Eric Goodman Interview – Diving Deeper into Foundation Training

Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
June 22, 2016

The Dude practices Foundation Training – What!!!!!

Foundation Training saved my life!  We’ll not my life, but my surfing life.  In 2008 I was interviewing doctors trying to decide if spinal fusion was the right course of action.  I had already tried yoga, pilates, chiro, in combination with prednisone, and anti-inflamitories.  Nothing was working – to surf for an hour a day I was training for 2 to be able to walk the next morning.  God forbid I’d have to sneeze in the morning – if you’ve had major back pain you know what I’m talking about.

Eric Goodman of Foundation Training
Eric Goodman of Foundation Training

Then a close mutual friend, Karen Rinaldi, who at the time was working with Eric on his 1st  book, introduced us.  Karen loves Nosara and surfing, and brought Eric down for the first time.  Over the next 5 days of surfing Eric changed my understanding of core strength and proper movement.  Changes happened over the next month and continued for a year.  Back pain became past tense.  But it’s like lifting weights, you don’t keep the gains if you stop, and I’m reminded at times that I need to keep on.  En la lucha (in the fight) as we’d say here in Costa Rica.

Foundation Training and Eric Goodman are still important in my life 8 years later, so much so that I do everything I can to help him spread the message – as do the thousands of others who are living a happier, more pain-free life.  Just like Jeff Bridges.  You couldn’t buy publicity like that, and Eric didn’t.  Foundation Training affected The Dude in such a way that that’s what he chose to share on The Late Show – and that says it all.

Ok, so you’re intrigued, how do you start?

First watch this video – 12 Minute Foundation Training Workout

Then read True to Form

Here’s the first book, Foundation

Once you’ve started training and realize how deep the exercises go, you’ll want to learn more.  In 2017, Eric, Dustin and some of the Foundation Crew are headed to Nosara, Costa Rica and we’re hosting a Foundation Training retreat with an adventure waterman component provided by Paddlewoo. If you’re interested shoot me an email on the form below and we’ll keep you in the know about the retreat as we plan it.


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