Erik Logan – The man who advises the best in our sport.

Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
February 4, 2016

Erik Logan is the President of the Oprah Winfrey Network (ex-head of XM Radio).  More importantly, he is the biggest fan of paddle surfing.  His passion and interest in the sport coupled with his business acumen have aligned Erik with the likes of Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama and Dave Boehne.  He is a partner in multiple paddle surfing brands and advises the best in the sport.

On the show we discuss the current state of SUP and paddle surfing as a business, what Erik would do if he woke up as president of paddle sports, and lessons he’s learned working alongside Oprah.  It’s a personal favorite!





  • Clay Feeter

    Really got a lot out of what you had to say, Erik, especially your High tide floats all boats approach to the steady and healthy growth of our sport! And you made it clear that every “boat” big or small has an important contribution to make along the way.

  • Vicki

    Interesting you branched out since we did Paddle fit cert. today in San Deigo… Congrat. on your passion

  • Juan Garza

    How can I download this interview to be hear at my iPod?

    • Erik -- PaddleWoo

      Hi Juan. You can subscribe on your phone via a podcast app. Podcasts on iPhone or iPod or Stitcher on android.

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