Fins, The Guide – Video Podcast with Tyler Callaway of FCS

Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
June 8, 2016June 14, 2016

Tyler Callaway dropped some knowledge about fins on Episode 34 of the Podcast.  Tyler is a return guest, so if you’d like to, know his story, listen to this.

This is a video episode, and should be watched as a video, especially the first 20 minutes when Tyler is using fins to explain different principles.  I’ve also produced an audio show, but you’ll miss a bit.

Enjoy this technical discussion of fins in SUP paddle boards.  Some key points from the show –

  • Wider tails generally work better as quads
  • Quads are faster, but they draw wider lines
  • Thrusters excel in turns past 90 degrees, surf better vertically, but take more to get going
  • If you want to turn harder go bigger front fins and smaller back fin/s
  • More rake will draw out turn, less rake will feel faster and turn harder, but slide out first
  • Tyler advocates trying different sets of fins in your board before settling, you never know what set will flow with the board
  • FCS2 center box fin is a game-changer, adjust placement during a surf

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  • Rui

    Hi Erik
    Any word on using different fin materials on one same quad setup, say JW1 Performance Glass front fins and PC G-XQ rears ?

    Different flex patterns may alter water flow causing to slow down the board (or vice-versa) between front and rear fins?

    • Erik -- PaddleWoo

      I’ll see if I can get Tyler to chime in.

    • Tyler Callaway

      I think it’s best to keep flex patterns somewhat similar. It provides consistency. In a case of the fins you are quoting its relatively similar in feel. So that would be a good match.

  • Bodie Shandro

    Hey Erik, GREAT interview with Tyler! So, everything I hear about the Lopez Quad set up make sense, snappier off the top given less rake, and better hold on the bottom resulting from it being longer. What are the drawbacks? Why would I not run that setup? Tell Tyler Bodie from Canada says “hey”.

  • Tim R

    I have a Futures setup on my 7’6″x 29″ 100 liter Hobie. I have used the ride number and used the BlackStick F8 Ride number 9.4 and a set of Firewire 5 fin Ride number 5.3 and at 4.88 tall they are one of the biggest short board fins. The Futures Gerry Lopez I are huge at 5.3 or the II’a are 5.1. Colin’s fins are tall also but narrow base. The differenc in the BlackStick vs the Firewire is noticeable and makes it fun to switch them base on conditions or how I want the board to feel that day.

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