The Future of SUP with Erik Logan, SUP’s Biggest Fan and Advisor

Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
July 6, 2017

Erik Logan is a unique voice in the world of paddling.  He’s achieved success on global scale, both in running SiriusXM and now the Oprah Winfrey Network.  His love of paddle surfing started at the age of 42 when his wife gave him a wetsuit…  I wonder if she had any clue where it would lead.

Erik makes time for the people and activities he cares about, and that extends beyond the water to helping his friends in career and business pursuits.  His group of friends, Kalama, Laird, Dave Boehne, Brent Deal, to name a few, combined with his willingness to help and in some instances partner, has given Erik an insider’s, vested vantage point to our sport.

And it’s landed him on the board of USA Surfing, where he’s using his effectiveness and business acumen to help our sport grow.  And we say thanks!

If you didn’t listen to my first podcast with Erik Logan click here.

Below are some photos of the US Nationals that were held by USA Surfing in San Diego in June.  Izzi Gomez and Emmy Merrill, and Sean Poynter and Giorgio Gomez will be representing the US for surfing in Denmark this year at the ISA World Games.


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