G Love on Creative Inspiration, Practice and Cultivation of Flow



Garrett Dutton, best known as G Love, is a blues and hip-hop musician.  I met G about 10 years ago in Nosara, Costa Rica, where I live and he surfs regularly.  Over the years of driving up the coast to surf Garrett would inspire and entertain with incredible stories of his music career.  It was on one of those trips that I thought it would be amazing to record these conversations.

What impresses me about Garrett is that after achieving what he’s done in the music industry (creating a genre of music mixing blues and hip-hop, maintaining a 25 year career that’s been musically authentic, and amassing a massive global following),  he continues to be passionate about music and committed to producing the highest quality shows and albums.  He discusses his passion and practice at length.

Enjoy Garrett Dutton!

Notable Quotes from the Show

Music is the best part of me

You have to write hundreds of songs to get those ‘Ones’

Anything that you’re absorbing spiritually, mentally, physically is going to come out of you

If it’s something worth saying, it comes out of me

– Garrett Dutton

Complete Show Notes –

  • We start with Garrett’s pre-show affirmation [0:15]
  • Erik’s introduction
  • Start of Interview [2:45]
  • How Garrett started playing Guitar [3:30]
  • Story of how Garrett started playing guitar [5:15]
  • When did G know his path was music, writing a song at 15 [10:00]
  • How did writing a song change the relationship to music [12:00]
  • “Music is the best part of me” [13:00]
  • On Deliberate Practice, Anders Ericsson, Deliberate practice is fun [13:45]
  • From practice to creation [15:00]
  • On creative process, cultivating vs. inspired [15:45]
  • How it feels to have a song hit you [18:00]
  • About writing Cold Beverage [19:30]
  • “You have to write hundreds of songs to get those ‘Ones'” [22″40]
  • Process to get into writing, creating state [23:00]
  • “Anything that you’re absorbing spiritually, mentally, physically is going to come out of you” [23:40]
  • Carving out time to practice and play [25:00]
  • “If it’s something worth saying, it comes out of me”
  • Has creative process changed with age? [26:50]
  • What is surfing to G?  [29:00]
  • You against yourself [31:00]
  • On Flow [32:30]
  • Can’t afford to listen to what’s happening before playing, protecting state
  • Be your own biggest critic
  • Garrett’s pre-show routine  [37:30]
  • Reset the day, fresh energy to be the best energy you can be
  • Pre-show affirmation [42:45]
  • Story about early hip-hop in Boston, playing clubs [45:00]
  • On freestyle rap [52:00]
  • On resentment and being one of the first white hip-hop musicians [52:15]
  • On evolving in music, staying relevant over 25 year career [55:30]
  • Music is a river, G is swimming in the current, going with the flow
  • Be real, be true to yourself
  • Timely vs. Timeless
  • Keep it raw and keep it real.  And when all else fails, make great live shows
  • On connecting with the audience.  The whole point of it.
  • All that matters is if you connect and the people leave inspired!


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