Getting Technical with JP’s Shaper Werner Gnigler

Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
June 13, 2017

Last week I headed down to Grand Bahama with the family (we were forced to leave the United States to renew our international health care), and it just so happened that the Pryde Group dealer meeting was going on at Taino Beach.  Now, this wasn’t exactly a coincidence, Garry Menk, head of Pryde Group Americas, is a good friend and when I told him we had to leave the US, he invited us to come down, check out the new 2018 gear, learn to kite and sit down with Werner Gnigler the shaper for JP.

Werner’s roots are from windsurfing, first a competitor at the highest level, then shaper and designer.  As JP moved into standup, Werner took the best of windsurfing design and tech and applied those elements to his paddle surf boards.  Working with the likes of Keahi de Aboitiz (podcast here), Werner has refined his SUP designs to be some of the best in the sport.  The new JP 7.6 x 27 is an incredible board.

On the show we get very technical about his shapes, board technologies, fin setups and innovation process.  This is definitely a show for the paddle surfing nerds, and one you could listen to a couple times…  Enjoy


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  • Nathan Rippey

    Hey Erik, can you show a photo of or send me a link to the “straight” fins that you were discussing with Werner in this podcast. It was kind of difficult to form a mental representation of them. Keep up the good work and thanks for all that you have done for our niche of the sport. I wish the best for you and your family and hopefully someday when you get down south again we will get a chance to meet and surf together. If you ever want to come down and check out the central coast of Nicaragua and surf with me,hit me up. Mi casa es su casa.

  • jasonkadlec

    Are you considering trying straight fins out on any of your boards?

  • Gary McCorry

    Love this breakdown, brings it all together,. Cheers Gary

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