Good morning, San Clemente!

Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
September 26, 2016

Well, we made it!  I write this morning as the sun rises in San Clemente.  We left Costa Rica on the 31st of August, and the last month is the longest I’ve gone in 5 years without really surfing.  I can not wait to get back in the water.

Journals will come quicker again for the next two weeks.  There’s lots going on.

The L41 arrives tomorrow if all goes well.  Until then I’ll be riding a 7.10 Hobie that Colin’s letting me borrow.  I’m amped to see how that board rides and paddles.  I’m up a few pounds in the last month, so if I can paddle her now, then we’re good.

I talked to Hobie and Colin a couple weeks back and we’re doing a board.  I get to see it today, not glassed yet, but shaped.  It’s a 7.7 x 24 at 82 Liters.  My goal with the Hobie and L41 is to have two similar volume boards but shaped about as different as possible.  Then explore pros/cons of the two.  So the L41 is a 6.10 x 26 at 85L, fat nose and tail, while the Hobie is more of a blade.  I did move the front fins back on the Hobie a half-inch from the norm, fin box back a full inch.

On Thursday night the Progression Project is going to debut at the OC Tavern at 7:30.  Can’t wait for that!  I’m excited for all the guys to see the film.  So far, only Fisher and Kieran have had the chance.

And, on that note, I have a very different perspective of the industry and the core of our sport.  In the last month, we showed the progression project in 6 different cities on the East Coast.  I had the chance to talk to hundreds of paddle surf freaks and I understand you guys.  It’s about passion and progression.

As I settle in here in Cali, I write about some of what I discovered, maybe do a podcast with Colin and include that discussion.

But now, off to surf!

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