Gorilla Butt – Immediately Improve Your Style!

Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
November 14, 2016

Today we’re announcing the official dates for our Foundation Training and Paddle Surfing retreat!  February 25th to March 4th!  email sarah @ progressionproject.com  for details and pricing.

And celebrating Foundation Training, today I’m going to apply one of Eric’s principles of proper movement to paddle surfing.  Gorilla Butt

If you watch any top paddle surfer you’ll notice that they have incredible posture while paddling and surfing.  And while it can be difficult to define everything that goes into proper posture in paddle surfing I’ve found that using the mental model of Gorilla Butt will get you 98% of the way there.

Gorilla Butt is flat back posture (look at the photo above).  If you’ve learned Foundation Training, it’s also the Founder position.  The idea is that your spine says long even when you bend over.  You maintain a long torso/stomach.  Get up, walk around and try it.

Now bend over, maintaining that long spine.  Now crouch down.  Move around your house, pick stuff up off the ground with one hand, with two hands.  Maintain Gorilla Butt.

Now that you’ve tried it, and can feel it, look at the bottom turn from Kelly Slater below.  Watch Julian Wilson surf.  Watch Mo Freitas paddle.

kelly slater bottom turn.jpg

Here’s a video of some of the guys on the progression project doing bottom turns. (even of of yours truly in there 🙂

If you remember to use Gorilla Butt and couple that with keeping vertical change in your knees instead of your waist you’re paddle surfing level immediately improve.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about level changes.



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