Long-form it is.  I’ve got a good handle on the project now and it’s fully in-line with what Paddlewoo has been focused on since the beginning.  I haven’t talked to Kalama, Boehne and Colin yet about the change in mission, but it’s the first time I’ve felt solid.  I hope they’re stoked too.

It might mean I have to push back a bit from September because the interviews don’t hold up with the new objective.  If I can solve that from Costa Rica we’ll be on time, but my guess is that I’ll need to be with the guys to get the audio or it will sound horrible.  Best I could do from here would come out like a podcast and that is lacking.

In the past few days I’ve written three journals that I didn’t publish.  That’s a first for me.  I’ve been thinking about the industry and sport and have some big thoughts, some that I’m not ready to commit to forever.

Here are a few questions that I’d like to get your insight on…

  • Do you think the hydrofoil videos and popularity online is good for paddle surfing?  Or, does it marginalize the sport?
  • Have we hit our tipping point, where even though the industry is in the midst of hard times, and we’ll see brands go away, that the sport will continue to grow.  And do we, the passionate few, even care?
  • Where should growth in our sport come from?  Do you think we should be actively trying to recruit surfers?  Should we bring new paddle surfers up through the ranks of race and recreation?  And, do we care?

To the latter, I’ve landed on I don’t care.

In the espresso-fueled, rabbit-hole of the last few days, I’ve decided that Paddlewoo’s mission and focus will be the enhancement of the already passionate.  I’m open to any ideas that further that goal.

We’ve got our core.  I’m beyond stoked at the amount and thoughtfulness of emails I get from all of you.  And I think the highest and best use of Paddlewoo and this platform, is to help raise the collective performance of our sport.

I’m convinced that’s the way forward for paddle surfing.

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