How to Listen to the Podcast if you don’t use iTunes or iPhone

1) Android Users

You can use an app named Pocket Casts, which, for $3.99, syncs your favorite podcasts. You can also stream it to your Chromecast. Pocket Casts also works for Apple devices.

2) Windows Users

You actually don’t need a third-party app to stream, download, or subscribe to podcasts. It’s super simple: here are instructions. If you use a Windows phone, you can download the Podcast Lounge app to subscribe and listen to the PaddleWoo Podcast.

3) Stream from our website or RSS Feed:

If you’re listening from your computer, this is probably the easiest way. Go to the PaddleWoo Podcast Episode Page and just click play on the Podbean embedded player.  This also works on your phone.


4) Stitcher App and Swell App

You can listen to the PaddleWoo Podcast on Stitcher or use the Stitcher app. On the app, select PaddleWoo and add it to your favorites playlist. You can also add specific episodes to your playlist, and again you can use the settings to adjust whether you want to stream or download for offline listening.

Any other suggestions? Please leave any listening tips or workarounds in the comments below — and, as always, thanks for listening.

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