Keahi de Aboitiz joins the PaddleWoo Podcast and gives us a rundown of this travels, how he does those crazy airs and gets so barreled on a paddle board, his thoughts on volume and why he’s spending his winters in Hawaii.

As a huge fan of the sport you have to appreciate no only Keahi’s surfing but also his consistent videos.  I am excited to see his next edit for the 2nd PaddleWoo Video Contest which will kick off in a few week!!!

Enjoy the show and hit me up with questions, comments, or if you want to come down and surf for a week in Costa Rica with the crew!  Erik

Published by Erik Antonson

Erik is the founder and host of the PaddleWoo podcast, 2X Costa Rica National SUP Surf Champion and owner of Blue Zone SUP Camps.

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  1. Erik, any links to the videos that you mentioned of Keahi’s?

    Also, I had the pleasure of a couple sessions in Mexico with Fernando Stalla, might be great interview?

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