27 North, Mike McGann

Mike McGann – 27 North Paddle’s Founder Talks All Things Paddle

Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
July 24, 2015

In Episode 12 of the PaddleWoo podcast we have Mike McGann from 27 North Paddles. I met Mike through Fisher and Kieran Grant and had the opportunity to use the Kevlar surf paddle, one thing led to another and Mike agreed to come on the show and educate us on the process of developing and manufacturing a great surf paddle.

Of interest in the episode is Mike’s 3 tips about paddling to make you a better surfer (near the end of the episode). There are definitely some gems in this information rich hour, and I learned about blade size, dihedral, paddle constructions (including the new Inegra that I am testing now, Thanks Mike!!!)

Give it a listen. Feel free to email me at erik@paddlewoo.com with questions. This is my hobby folks, but I take is seriously 🙂 Thanks for the support… Pura Vida.

Check out 27 north at http://www.27northusa.com



  • Mike

    Great webcast guys! 27N Paddles are unbelievable!!

  • Rich

    Great podcast with a great guy… Mike’s paddles are excellent & hopefully people catch on to them in a big way. I’ve been using a 27N paddle & really dig them!

  • mike ross

    Great paddle INFO Mike!!

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