If you’ve been listening to the podcast you know that I am preoccupied with the naming of maneuvers… well, now it has become important as I am going to be trying to define them and break them down into steps.

Here is what I have decided:

Anything with your paddle on your heel rail, backside bottom turns heel rail, frontside cutback heel rail, where your paddle is acting like a pivot point, and not pulling, I am going to call a Slingshot.  Think David and Goliath slingshot.David_and_Goliath__David_s_sling


The pivot gives a centripetal force and accelerates the object in a new direction.  This is exactly what the paddle does in a slingshot turn.

In the future we might shorten this to bottomsling, slingback, sling-gouge… whatever, but for right now, I just want to be able to discuss different maneuvers that don’t have names…

I should add, that if done correctly you feel like you’ve been slingshot, especially on bottom turns.

Now that this is defined, I can finish writing the Backside Slingshot Bottom Turn Guide…  Enjoy.







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