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Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
June 14, 2017

Here’s a raw video breakdown.  I know a lot of you have been asking for this for a while.  And we’ve wanted to do produced tech videos, but the reality is we spend all the time making it polished and at the end of the day we can’t convey as much info.  It’s why I love podcasts and why instead of doing the polished videos I figured we try some raw breakdowns first.  This is as raw as it gets, it’s like sitting down over breakfast and going through footage.  This type of analysis is how I learn and practice…

Let me know if you all like it and I can knock out more.  Pretty easy and I have a boatload of footage.


Progression JournalVideo Breakdown


  • Dean Price

    Hey Erik; just what the doctor ordered! Thanks for this – I found it really helpful. Dean.

  • Shane Murrell

    Yeah still great to have you talk us through each turn. Can you find some footage of a back side 1st turn ( paddle inside) and then second turn may be with paddle moved to the outside. I still struggle with what looks to be the standard technique the pros use. Maybe they keep it inside untill the hit the close out section when the paddle outside seems to be a lot more effective way of negotiating the final close out free fall. Cheers Shane

  • colas

    This is quite interesting, a nice idea. For you just to drag the video cursor seems a very good idea, much simpler to do than traditional video editing, and the slow motion and back/forth on the video are very didactic.

    On the video, doesn’t Jason has a too long paddle?

    And an idea: I guess you could offer remote coaching services: people would just upload a video and you would comment on them. Maybe even with some fee to cover your time.

  • jasonkadlec

    In the wave where my hips are not square – I think I had 2 things working against me… first is the paddle is waaay to long. The second, is I had developed that sideways paddle on my first SUP – which was like a giant 11 foot long board, which was really forgiving to paddling way past your feet…

    So to those reading the comments… shorter paddle FTW!

    OTW – Erik thanks for using this footage — some of the easy things, ( front foot back, back foot back I’m already doing)…but weight placement for conserving speed in bottom turns is something I’m still discovering.

  • jasonkadlec

    Ps – I’ve been doing that bottom turn with too much weight on my back foot I think all the way up until your post on conservation of speed…

    Since then I’ve been trying to get my back foot over the front fin of the rawson — this has totally made bottom turns faster and I’m hitting the top of the wave with more speed.

    That said, the waves have been super small…so I’m still having trouble getting the board to rail turn on the top of the wave…

    As I watch the end of the video – where I’m pulling through the turn… I’m almost positive I’m still doing this on the top of the wave, because even though I’m feeling a like a “skid” eg – I’m hitting the top of the wave and I’m feeling something sliding… even when I’m not putting the paddle in the water.

    Any tips — other than just get faster at moving the back foot after making the bottom turn? On super small waves, clearly it can be done, you’re throwing buckets on small waves ha ha – -and your board is def. on the rail.

    How do you get the rail engaged on a top turn, esp on smaller waves – like waist high waves

    How does that technique change in shoulder to head-high waves?

  • Geo_instance

    Very interesting to watch the video and hear your comments and tips.
    I agree with Shane. It would be great to hear your comments on some more technical turns. E.g. backside reentry turns with the paddle inside rail versus outside rail.

  • Greg

    Good job. Very helpful to watch the slow motion and be able to watch the replay. Would love to be able to break my surfing down like this. All I do are still pictures which is better than nothing.

  • Dean Price

    This is great Erik. It’s a great way to reflect on my own surfing and learn from others. Highly recommend to do it again!

  • Alon

    Great stuff!
    Very helpful for me.

    I liked colas idea about remote coaching services. I would certainly pay for this (since unfortunately I am not heading to Costa Rica anytime soon).

  • Tony

    Great work maybe next year me and more two friends we are thinking going there keep the great work.
    Best regards.Tony.

    • Erik Antonson

      Thanks Tony. We’re planning our year now.

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