Raw Video Breakdown #2

Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
June 25, 2017


  • Erik Eck

    This format is so good! I am realizing that it really gives me something to focus on. Everything I have done in surfing I have done by what I think I should do without coaching, which is different than any of the other sports I have done. This format provides analysis which has helped my focus and progression in just these two videos. Also, I like the lines that board draws and it is interesting to see that it looks a little long on those waves. I think that is mainly because you really get your foot back on the pad. I end up surfing more forwards, and that really changed my perspective as you talked through having your foot back and weighting the front foot.

    Thankful for what you are doing! Awesome job, keep rocking it !!! Aloha Brother!
    Erik Eck

  • Alon

    Thanks, this was again very helpful.
    And I think your idea about starting this online coaching thing slow, and see how it works is correct. Most of guys sup-surfing at my local beach will not be into this kind of almost scientific breakdown of surfing. But I love it!

  • christian

    Agree with the other comments. It’s very helpful to watch specific technique broken down by expert eyes. You’ve already improved my stroke paddling in to a wave. Basic, and really obvious – When you point it out!

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