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Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
August 16, 2016

We’re working on the East Coast Progression Project Tour.  It’s lining up.  If you’re interested in showing the film to your local group of paddlers let me know.  This is a grass roots sport and we’re spreading the love in a grass roots way.  Small groups of passionate folks in cool places.  Here’s what we’ve lined up so far.  It’s all subject to change, and I’ll update if anything does.

September 8th.  Sushi Jo’s in Juno Beach

September 9th or 10th in Orlando, Location TBD

September 12th (pretty sure on the date) in St. Augustine at Panama Hattie’s

September 15th or 17th in Charleston, Location TBD

September 20th (pretty sure on date) in Atlanta at Patagonia

And… I’ve been missing journaling in the last week.  Life catches up at times, but tonight I had an incredible session.  Paddle surfing is broad sport.  It encompasses everything surfing has – the art of it, zen, flow, speed.  But it also comes with power, work and aggression.

Tonight was one of those nights where I felt like working hard.  10 years ago I would have hit Gold’s Gym and done legs.  When you just want to mess yourself up, change your chemistry in a positive manner.

I love that paddle surfing provides that opportunity.

So tonight, I found an empty peak, put my head down and went 100% for an hour.  Heart rate maxed out, tons of waves and an incredible workout.  It was also an amazing surf.  I’m finding lines in the past month I didn’t know I could muster on a standup.  I credit spending more time on the shortboard and drawing sharper lines, then bringing that mindset back to the SUP.  Playing around more with using the tail coming through turns and less paddle.  Aiming more vertical and working on releasing the tail.  I’m getting solid release and fins out the back, but not pulling it often, yet.

Definitely being influenced by Caio and Gio watching the Progression Project every day 😉

Can’t wait to share it with you guys.  I enjoy the immediacy of the podcast, and sharing what I learn – been more difficult sitting on this.

Progression Journal


  • Nick

    Hey Eric! Nick here, we met in Nosara while I was on vacation! I see you are coming to FLA soon, are you bringing any boards? I’d love to try that L41 or something that would be fun for our small surf!

    • Erik -- PaddleWoo

      Hey Nick! I won’t have any boards in FL. Going to Cali after FL and picking up the boards there.

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