Breakdown – Colin McPhillips Frontside Cutback

What’s up folks!  Been a crazy couple days. The Kai Lenny episode of the podcast dropped yesterday and I’m finalizing a couple magazine articles that will be coming out in the next few months.  The Progression Project movie should be out here in late June if everything goes to plan… On to the journal… surf […]

Deeper Surf Stance and Foot Position While Surfing

Morning…  Ro emailed in last night with a few questions that I’m sure are relevant to most folks, so I’ll answer them here.  Bout to go get a surf!  And drop a new podcast this afternoon…  Will Taylor, editor of SUP the Mag did the show a few weeks ago, and I’m finally wrapping that […]

Colin McPhillips comes back for a BIG Announcement! We talk how to get out in big beach breaks and Best Videos

Episode 6 of the podcast features our first returning guest, Colin McPhillips.  After Colin’s first episode aired I received a number of emails asking for Colin to come back on and go deeper into technical aspects of paddle enhanced surfing.  I asked, he agreed, and Episode 6 is now live… On the show Colin and I discuss […]

Colin McPhillips on the PaddleWoo Podcast

  “Why am I turning so weak and going so slow” – Colin McPhillips on shortboard surfing “If you are going to have more fun riding the front door off of your house, why not, give it a go” – Colin on close minded surfers “You can’t have too much power or too much strength on […]