Turn Breakdown – Backside Cutback to Foam Rebound

Today we’re going to breakdown the easiest backside turn, the backside cutback, but before we do, gonna journal a minute… My son, who is seven years old right now, has discovered the bug for surfing.  I tried and tried to get him to surf when he was younger and it just didn’t work.  Then about six […]

Breakdown – Colin McPhillips Frontside Cutback

What’s up folks!  Been a crazy couple days. The Kai Lenny episode of the podcast dropped yesterday and I’m finalizing a couple magazine articles that will be coming out in the next few months.  The Progression Project movie should be out here in late June if everything goes to plan… On to the journal… surf […]

Kai Lenny’s Stoke and Mo Freitas’ Swing Cutback

Yesterday Kai Lenny recorded for the PaddleWoo Podcast.  I’ve spent a ton of time with a lot of Kai’s friends, but have had no contact with him.  He is an inspired human and the show turned out great.  It will be up in a week or so — stay tuned! Kai inspired me.  He’s about as focused and passionate […]