Getting Technical with JP’s Shaper Werner Gnigler

Last week I headed down to Grand Bahama with the family (we were forced to leave the United States to renew our international health care), and it just so happened that the Pryde Group dealer meeting was going on at Taino Beach.  Now, this wasn’t exactly a coincidence, Garry Menk, head of Pryde Group Americas, […]

Summer Glide – My Thoughts on the Popdart and Video

Summer Glide – Costa Rica on a Popdart from The Progression Project on Vimeo. I’ve been sitting on writing the full review of the Popdart from L-41 for a bit now.  I didn’t want to write it until I felt that I understood the board, and have always felt that the board had so much […]

Designing a Board with Kirk McGinty – Part 5, Shaped and frothing!

Yeah… I’m frothing to surf this baby! Kirk recommended 2×6 glassing on the deck, 1×6 on the bottom and carbon rails.  I don’t mind pressure dings on the deck, actually kind of like a bit, lets you know where you are, so no carbon or weave on the deck. The show last night in St. […]

Designing a Board with Kirk McGinty – Part 4, The Decision

Alright folks!  I’ve finalized the design.  First, I’d like to say a huge thanks for all the help with the decision.  You all have sent me photos, videos, feedback on what you’ve done and what you wish you would have done with your boards- it’s been an incredibly fun process.  I’d love to keep it […]

Designing a Board with Kirk McGinty – Part 3, 6.8 TVD

Here’s the initial design for the TV Dinner.  And the note from Kirk – Original dims on the TVD were a typo.  The 7’0 x 27.5 x 3.875 is 92L.  This one 6’8 x 27.5 x 3.75 is 85L.  I offer two versions of tail design — One with split tail and another with a diamond […]