PaddleWoo Presents: The Grant Boys with Steven McLean

A few weeks back, shortly after Fisher Grant was on the podcast, we noticed a nice SW Swell headed to Costa Rica, the PaddleWoo headquarters… I didn’t have much going on that week, so I invited Fisher and Kieran down to surf with me and they brought along Pro Longboarder Steven McLean. This video is […]

Congratulations Mo Freitas!!!!! Mo Wins the 1st PaddleWoo Video Contest

A huge congrats to Mo Freitas who won the PaddleWoo video contest.  Mo won the voting, with both Colin McPhillips and Adam Champagne, from Standup Journal, having Mo in the top spot.  He also had the most view on his video and most votes.  Mo takes home $2,000 for the top spot.

Fisher Grant’s PaddleWoo Video Contest Entry

Fisher Grant’s entry into the first PaddleWoo Video Contest, 2015. Fisher showcasing his stylish surfing in perfect Costa Rica. Vote for Fisher by sharing this page on your Facebook page, by liking the video and voting at and

PaddleWoo Guide: Backside Slingshot Bottom Turn

Step 1:   We’ve got Fisher Grant showcasing the backside slingshot bottom turn.  This isn’t an extreme example of the turn, but I like the camera angle as you can see what the paddle is doing.  The same technique applies for vertical turns. To start, you’re going to want to find section to do a […]