Hydrofoil, Different Sports of SUP and Chinese Crap Boards

It’s been a banner week for the family in the water.  The lead in photo is from this morning.  After a run of the biggest surf in the past few years, the Pacific went docile and local weather has been mellow making for massive family fun out front.  My goal as been to get the […]

Session Notes – Infinity and Starboard Observations

I rode the Infinity this morning.  High tide was smack center of my session and with the swell on the decline, I figured it was the call.  It was, but the waves weren’t great.  Smaller inconsistent surf, with a big crowd really takes down the fun factor for me on a standup.  It’s ironic, because […]

Dave Boehne – Shaper, Surfer, Stylemaster

  There are few folks who have been as influential in our sport of paddle surfing as Dave Boehne.  Utilizing his surfing pedigree and an early seat at the SUP table, Dave was possibly the first surfer to see and embody the cool side of paddle surfing, and he’s done his best to showcase the […]