Tennis and a great coaching moment

We’re doing an experimental home schooling year.  The goal is to allow our children to follow their passions in a focused, deliberate manner and use that passion to build tangential skills.  They are still in a normal school curriculum, but homeschooling allows us to tackle the requirements in about half the time.  My daughter, Kemper, […]

Choosing the right mental models

Make sure that you’re basing your training on the correct mental models.  If you’re riding a big fat fish you won’t be able to successfully model Mo on his normal board.  Mo doesn’t surf the fish the same way he surfs his shortsups.   Modeling Keahi’s video from Indo won’t correlate to surfing a 2ft. beach […]

Examining Mental Models and the Beliefs they Create

Knowingly or unknowingly we model people, behavior, and skills.  We accept some of the models and reject others.  Either decision can result in a pattern and repeated enough will become a habit.  Habits over time can become beliefs.  Beliefs are hard to change. 3 years ago this video became my aspiration in paddle surfing. I […]