Session Notes – Paddling Straight and the Board Dilemma

Quick notes from the session this morning. The finals for the Costa Rica SUP contest series are this weekend.  It was going to be the 25th, but they moved it up.  Didn’t know until yesterday.  So while I’ve been trying all these fin configurations and staying focused on understanding balance, I really should have been […]

Stability, Floaters and Late Drops

Today’s journal will be short one.  The video call with Tyler of FCS is coming up here in an hour, so I’m preparing the discussion.  Thanks for the suggestions everyone.  There were a few common themes, so those will definitely be addressed:  Tail width’s effects on fins,  Quad vs. Thruster -when/why, What should we be riding […]

Micro-Adjustments for Balance

I started the progression journal to stay focused on deliberate practice in surfing.  The goal was to ensure hard work and focus on specific skills during each session.  It worked at the beginning.  Each morning, as I stretched watching the waves, I’d determine what my goal for the day was going to be, and how I […]