7.2 JP thoughts, Larry Cain Stoke Drilling and Charleston Film notes

We have had an amazing time on our East Coast tour.  Charleston put it on for us, Mex1 and Morgan did it right and the film played to a packed house. It’s tough to evaluate how good something is in reality when everyone tells you it’s great.  I’m a natural contrarian and if everyone is […]

Progression Project feedback

The Progression Project East Coast tour has given me a glimpse of the real folks who paddle surf.  It’s been hugely beneficial to see where you are in the progression curve and hear what you love about the sport. I’m stoked that a resounding theme has been embracing the race to the bottom and flattered that many […]

Release Dates in FL, SC and GA

We’re working on the East Coast Progression Project Tour.  It’s lining up.  If you’re interested in showing the film to your local group of paddlers let me know.  This is a grass roots sport and we’re spreading the love in a grass roots way.  Small groups of passionate folks in cool places.  Here’s what we’ve […]

Progression Project Release, States Trip and Pacific Paddle Self Challenge

What up folks!  Here’s what I’m working on this week. Progression Project!  Finally…  It looks like we’re nearing the end on this 8 month project. We’ve set a date in Juno, FL at Sushi Jo’s for the first release party.  Mike from 27 is helping to coordinate there.  That will be the 8th of Sept. […]