Why I Paddle Surf 90% of the Time

After my last post, Dropping Volume – Better have some solid processes, we got a nasty comment on facebook about the logic of riding small paddle boards as opposed to just shortboarding. A video posted by Paddlewoo Progression Project (@the.progression.project) on Nov 21, 2016 at 3:52pm PST   For starters, I don’t tolerate haters here, […]

Hobie and L-41 – Stability on 83L boards at 85kg

Hey there folks!  It’s good to be back.  We’re back at home in Nosara, the movie is finally out and the new site is finished.  So, that’s a lot off my plate and the focus can be put back where it should be, understanding paddle surfing. Before I dive in to meat of today, I’m […]

Back in Paradise! – First Reactions to the Hobie

What up folks!  Thanks for hanging in there while I was on walkabout for the last 7 weeks.  We had a blast showing the Progression Project film around the country and hanging with friends and family.  A huge thanks to everyone that hosted events, came out to see the project, lent me surfboards in strange […]

Examining Mental Models and the Beliefs they Create

Knowingly or unknowingly we model people, behavior, and skills.  We accept some of the models and reject others.  Either decision can result in a pattern and repeated enough will become a habit.  Habits over time can become beliefs.  Beliefs are hard to change. 3 years ago this video became my aspiration in paddle surfing. I […]

Release Dates in FL, SC and GA

We’re working on the East Coast Progression Project Tour.  It’s lining up.  If you’re interested in showing the film to your local group of paddlers let me know.  This is a grass roots sport and we’re spreading the love in a grass roots way.  Small groups of passionate folks in cool places.  Here’s what we’ve […]