Random Session Notes

Featured photo shows one of my favorite coaching techniques, surfing behind someone, just behind the wave, allows me to see footwork, paddle technique and the line drawn much better than photos or video.  It’s a first person perspective that allows immediate feedback.  Trevor is a solid intermediate surfer who is making big changes to paddling technique, […]

Coaching Jason Podcast

Meet Jason.  Jason is software developer and web marketer from Santa Monica.  He started kite surfing in 2007 and in 2011 found paddle surfing.  About a year ago he stumbled across paddlewoo, listening to the podcast and reading the journal he decided that for his 40th birthday he’d like to come train at Blue Zone […]

How to break down video. Barrels and Turns

I use video review heavily in the process of learning.  Without the feedback loop you don’t know if practice is moving you in the right or wrong direction.  Last week Oscar and I did a day of video and I thought it would make a good journal to post a couple waves and talk through […]

Slingshot Cutback and Surfing Paddle Stroke Notes

Buenas días folks! Here’s some notes on this morning’s session. 1. I drilled on paddle technique while surfing. If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, you can read it here.  The idea being that a lot of style in paddle surfing comes from technique of stroking while driving down the line and that good surfers have […]