Coaching Jason – Part 1

This week we’re running a private coaching retreat for Jason, and you’re coming along for the ride.  Jason has followed Paddlewoo for a while, first the blog, then the podcast and decided to come down to paradise to up his game and score some beautiful surf.  I’m stoked that he agreed to let me journal […]

From Intermediate to Advanced – Breaking down Turns

The difference between intermediate and advanced turns in paddle surfing can be understood by the sequence of rail and paddle usage in the turn. Intermediate paddle surfers use the paddle to set the rail. Advanced paddle surfers use the paddle to accelerate a set rail. In the next few days I’ll be breaking down this […]

Fins, The Guide – Video Podcast with Tyler Callaway of FCS

Tyler Callaway dropped some knowledge about fins on Episode 34 of the Podcast. ┬áTyler is a return guest, so if you’d like to, know his story, listen to this. This is a video episode, and should be watched as a video, especially the first 20 minutes when Tyler is using fins to explain different principles. […]