Creating a coaching platform?  Your feedback requested…

Creating a coaching platform? Your feedback requested…

What’s up folks!  It seems as though the raw video breakdown was a hit.  Lots of comments and emails requesting more raw video breakdowns, comprehensive maneuver breakdowns and remote coaching.

Given that there seems to be a demand and that I have the time (and much better internet which was my limiting factor for the last few years), I’m considering creating a coaching platform for paddle surfing.

Can you give me some feedback as to what you’d like to see and the value?  If I’m going to take this on, it would be a paid service.

Some notes… please let me know what resonates

Create a membership site where you’d have access to a database of raw footage and breakdowns.

Public platform to ask questions.

Put together specific maneuver tutorials showing beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers attempting the same maneuver.  With delineation of skills.

Ability to upload your videos to be broken down, could be added to the database to help grow collection of coaching.  (might be separate cost).

Bring in guest instructors/pros to discuss footage.


Question – Does anyone know the best way to be able to draw on video footage?

Alright, thanks in advance for the feedback.  This could be a fun project and help our sport.  E


Raw Footage Video Breakdown 1

Here’s a raw video breakdown.  I know a lot of you have been asking for this for a while.  And we’ve wanted to do produced tech videos, but the reality is we spend all the time making it polished and at the end of the day we can’t convey as much info.  It’s why I love podcasts and why instead of doing the polished videos I figured we try some raw breakdowns first.  This is as raw as it gets, it’s like sitting down over breakfast and going through footage.  This type of analysis is how I learn and practice…

Let me know if you all like it and I can knock out more.  Pretty easy and I have a boatload of footage.