The perfect marriage of power and style

Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
June 22, 2015

I just wrapped up recording our next episode with Fisher Grant and one point of discourse pertained to what he loves about surfing on different equipment.  Fisher is in a unique position to comment as he is at the pro level in shortboard, longboard and SUP surfing; in fact just won the Surfing America SUP Open event in California last weekend, placed 2nd in longboard, and 5th in shortboard.

Fisher said almost verbatim what I believe about SUP surfing, which is:

Paddle Enhanced surfing is the marriage of the style and grace of longboarding and the explosiveness of shortboarding…  plus about a 50% increase in power.

I have always believed this, but I am not a great longboarder, so have always said it with a bit of timidity.  Now it is on the record from someone who can legitimately comment.

Stay tuned for Fisher’s episode posting tomorrow on Paddlewoo and later in the week on Standup Journal.


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