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Zane and Matty Schweitzer – Aloha Spirit meets Competitive Drive

Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
September 29, 2015

Zane is currently ranked 2nd in the world, and as I write this from Huntington Beach, he could be the world champ in less than 48 hours. On the podcast he discusses what a title would mean to him, how he’s battled back from a rough year to be in the shape he’s in right now and how right before his win in Tahiti Matty had a very intense medical emergency.

On Matty’s part, brother of a world tour competitor and photographer/videographer, I was excited to gain his perspective on the sport of SUP surfing and it’s place in Hawaiian surf culture. Matty films the best back home on Maui and his videos are incredible.

I was stoked that along with the episode, Matty produced a video of Zane to include with the release. The video is a summer of travels for Zane and it includes footage from his Tahiti victory.

Zane Schweitzer – Summer Travels from PaddleWoo on Vimeo.


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  • Morgan Hurley

    Great interview from Zane and Matty! Loved their perspective on gaining respect in the lineup knowing we are frowned upon as we paddle out. It was awesome hearing their input on how boards with smaller volume provide more stability in chop despite being under water and his reasoning for having a slightly larger paddle. Also well done asking for high performance sup boards for bigger guys! I am around 200-205lbs and always having to go custom myself! Keep the killer interviews coming! One suggestion is maybe when summarizing the interview, putting an estimated time down as to when it occurs? Just a thought so one could jump to certain parts. Once again awesome interview! Sick video too!

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