Folks! I know I’ve been slacking, so to make up for it I sat down with Zane and Matty Schweitzer last week and we had a 2 hour technical skills discussion. We covered stroke technique vs. board size/volume. Hydrofoils in the lineup. Foot position for turns. Zane’s five tips for folks starting to paddle surf. The Pacific Paddle Games. The Ultimate Waterman. Matty’s settings and camera recommendation to film surfing to aid in deliberate practice.

I know you’re gonna love this discussion, and some of the meat is nearer the end, so try to get it all.


Published by Erik Antonson

Erik is the founder and host of the PaddleWoo podcast, 2X Costa Rica National SUP Surf Champion and owner of Blue Zone SUP Camps.

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  1. Hey Erik– How is the Popdart going? I saw some cool pics on your instagram. I’m heading up to Santa Cruz to pick up mine. Dying to hear what you think about it!



    PS — I saw you down at PPG but didn’t say hi because you were busy surfing with your son!

    1. Hey Alex, I just got back to Nosara and have surfed the Hobie the last 2 sessions. On my way home from the surf today I grabbed the set of fins I’m going to try in the popdart and might ride that tomorrow based on the waves. My hunch is that it will be a lot better with bigger fins, that wide tail and small trailers were too slidey for me. I don’t like it when a board loses speed in turns, and I think it was a fin issue, which is why I haven’t posted on the board yet.

      You should have said hey at PPG! Next time. E

      1. Cool! Interested to hear about how the fins affect that. I’ve read that other Popdart owners have had positive results from a nubster/fifth fin so maybe that’s something to test out as well.

  2. Hi Erick ,
    Enjoyed the last few podcasts . Listening to the Zane questions I was wondering what other podcasts you listen to ?
    Cheers Shane

    1. Hey Shane, I listen to a ton. Tim Ferriss show. Finding Mastery. Rogan. Startup. Peter Schiff. Freakonomics. Radiolab. Are on my most listened right now. You?

  3. I just listened to the podcast with Zane & Matty after watching the video clip – was directed to your site from SUP Mag promoting film (which was awesome). Stoked to hear they are into mindfulness meditation and the environment as well as respectful, grateful surfers. I got some great tips and will try some of the flat paddling ideas tomorrow. I am planning a trip to southern and central America next year, which is a long way from Australia and my usual Bali trips so will be wanting to know more about your coaching. Do you have a camp for “Teaching old dogs new tricks”?

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