Stress Test Your Paddle Surfing, Surf your SUP without a Paddle!

I coined the term paddle enhanced surfing two years ago when I was trying to define proper paddle surfing.  The term, paddle enhanced surfing, puts the emphasis on surfing – where it should be.  And while I’ve deeply bought into this idea for years, it hasn’t been until the last few months that I’ve internalized […]

Your Paddle isn’t a Rudder!

Your paddle isn’t a rudder. Surfing is surfing whether you’re on a shortboard, longboard or paddle board.  The mechanics of surfing don’t change when you put a paddle in your hands. Watch the Progression Project Film now, it’s free!!! When I work with intermediate paddle surfers the majority of time is spent on correcting improper form […]

Why I Paddle Surf 90% of the Time

After my last post, Dropping Volume – Better have some solid processes, we got a nasty comment on facebook about the logic of riding small paddle boards as opposed to just shortboarding. A video posted by Paddlewoo Progression Project (@the.progression.project) on Nov 21, 2016 at 3:52pm PST   For starters, I don’t tolerate haters here, […]

Dropping Volume – Better have some solid processes!

Today I’ve been jamming on an upcoming interview, Anders Ericsson, the author of my favorite book, Peak, has agreed to come on the show!  Stoked!!! but also a bit nervous.  I respect his work so much that I’m doing my homework right now to make the most out of our time.  If you have any […]

Tennis and a great coaching moment

We’re doing an experimental home schooling year.  The goal is to allow our children to follow their passions in a focused, deliberate manner and use that passion to build tangential skills.  They are still in a normal school curriculum, but homeschooling allows us to tackle the requirements in about half the time.  My daughter, Kemper, […]