Clay Feeter – Founder, Editor and Publisher of the Standup Journal

Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
January 25, 2016


Today’s guest is the man behind the Standup Journal.  Clay Feeter.  The first standup magazine from what I know.  Clay is the founder, editor and publisher of the journal.  Today he comes on the show to share with us, his insight into the sport having watched the evolution of standup for a decade.  We discuss the pioneers of the sport, trends he’s seen and accurately predicted, where the sport is headed and who is going to carry the torch.
But first…  I am stoked to announce that fans of the PaddleWoo podcast can now get a 20% discount on 27 North Paddles by using the code PaddleWoo on  They are the paddles I use daily.  And I love them.  So far, in almost year of using them every day, I haven’t broken a paddle.  Before 27 I broke a ton of paddles, and that’s terrible when you live in Costa Rica, a long way from a Paddle Surf Shop.
I’ve noticed that we’ve gotten a lot of new listeners in the past few episodes.  Connor and Zane’s Jaws episode went viral and Connor’s solo episode gained traction in the SUP world.  I think that’s one of the best technical episodes here in the last few.  But if you are new to the show, and you haven’t gone back and listened to the early episodes… Here is a little glimpse of what you’ve missed.
We launched the paddlewoo podcast with the legendary Hawaiian shaper, Pat Rawson.  Pat Shapes Mo Freitas’ boards, and before that he shaped all the greats.  Curren, Carrol, Slater… You name it.  For technical discusssions of where boards are headed, that’s a great episode.
Colin McPhillips, he’s a good friend and a regular guest on the show.  His first episode gives a solid background of his history in surfing… he’s a 3 time world longboard champ,  and the early days of SUP surfing in California.  The hawaii guys really started the sport, but that was more about big wave training and flat summer fun.  California and largely Colin, started progression.
Episode 5 features Movement Genius Eric Goodman.  I’m gonna get him back on the show soon.  He’s another great friend and I try to learn as much as I possibly can from him whenever I get the chance.  He is the genius behind Foundation Training and he came on the show to discuss the body structure and movement in relation to proper paddling technique.  It applies to any discipline in Standup and should be applied to daily life.  Like he says… it is a movement philosophy, not a workout.
If you don’t know who Justin Holland is, you’ve got to listen to both his episodes.  His nickname is the frother, and he’s as entertaining as it gets.  Listen to his first episode to get to know him and his second for one of the scariest stories I’ve heard.  Last year, Justin caught the largest wave ever ridden in Austrailia.  He towed in with Jamie Mitchell on the ski and rode a 60 ft. plus monster.  The lip landed feet behind him and the force of the wave shattered his femur.  In the hour long episode, he recants the whole day.  It is an incredible story.
The most consistently listened to episode of the 25 so far is Mo Freitas’ first episode.  Episode 8.  I said it then, and I believe it now after spending time with him here at Blue Zone in Costa Rica… Mo is leading the charge in our sport.  Did you see his photos from Jaws?  Did you see him at the Pacific Paddle Games?  What about the Payette River Games?  I can’t wait till you get to see his part from the progression project movie that we filmed here!  It’s epic.  On that subject, we are looking at a spring release…  For this type A guy right here, that isn’t nearly fast enough, but it’s out of my hands and in the hands of the experts.
Thanks for tuning in and Pura Vida!  Erik

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