Evelyn O’Doherty – Standup Journal’s new Online Editor talks Paddle Surfing, Coaching and Giving Back

Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
February 23, 2017March 1, 2017
Standup Journal’s online editor Evelyn O’Doherty



Hey guys and gals, on the podcast, I mentioned that Evelyn O’doherty has taken over for Adam Champagne.  Evelyn is actually an addition to the team as Standup Journal is growing the online side of things and is helping Adam as an Online Editor and Contributor.  Adam is still with the company as an Online Director and Social Media Director.

Standup Journal’s new Online Editor joins Erik on the podcast.

Evelyn O’Doherty is a former school teacher gone rogue.  Her transformation happened when she learned to surf.  After the bug bit, she was no longer able to be contained to the walls of a classroom, so Ev followed her instincts to recreate herself and left a successful career of teaching in order to spend more time on the water.  Today, she is a stand up paddle racer,  surfer and yoga teacher.  She instructs and offers retreats around the world in order to inspire others to follow their passions, live their dreams and, she hopes, spend more time on the water.  Evelyn believes wholeheartedly that we will protect what we love; therefore, her on-the-water coaching includes special attention to the state of our waterways and oceans in order to inspire her students to become stewards for the planet and take care of each other and the ocean so that we may live and respect in it’s presence for a long time to come.  You can check out her Stand Up Paddle Clinics and Retreats on her website:   www.evelynodoherty.com




Rincon Beach Boy SUP Race. Raises money for children with autism.

Evelyn’s retreat with Chuck Patterson:

Rell Sunn Surf Contest Benefit. Raises money for East End families struggling due to hardship and disease.



  • Bill Rosenblatt

    It’s not just the lack of knowledge and etiquette, it’s the person, not the board.
    I surf longboards, short boards, fish, and paddle boards. Each is a tool. I find it is the person not the 10 ft board. I’ve had more problems with wave hog younger SUP people. SUPs do not have to surf at the main peak. Each craft can have a place in the ocean.

    • Erik Antonson

      Agreed. As Colin puts it, An a$# is an A$% on any type of board.

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