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Erik Antonson
Erik Antonson
July 31, 2015June 20, 2016

If you’ve been listening to the podcast you know that I am preoccupied with the naming of maneuvers… well, now it has become important as I am going to be trying to define them and break them down into steps.

Here is what I have decided:

Anything with your paddle on your heel rail, backside bottom turns heel rail, frontside cutback heel rail, where your paddle is acting like a pivot point, and not pulling, I am going to call a Slingshot.  Think David and Goliath slingshot.David_and_Goliath__David_s_sling


The pivot gives a centripetal force and accelerates the object in a new direction.  This is exactly what the paddle does in a slingshot turn.

In the future we might shorten this to bottomsling, slingback, sling-gouge… whatever, but for right now, I just want to be able to discuss different maneuvers that don’t have names…

I should add, that if done correctly you feel like you’ve been slingshot, especially on bottom turns.

Now that this is defined, I can finish writing the Backside Slingshot Bottom Turn Guide…  Enjoy.







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  • Shane

    Enjoying the detailed analysis of various turns and relating it to what I know already. I havent found a great deal of SUP wave riding related breakdowns so stoked to come across your ideas and suggestions. Also like the idea of naming everything so it has a place to live and and creates building blocks for future moves and sequences. Videos are great even if lower quality.
    Slingshot turns .. noticed a lot of the top guys are slingshot-ing the 1st backhand turn and then holding the paddle on the outs side of the turn for there subsequent hits ?
    Can you give some tips on paddle placement and lead up for barrel riding. I see a few pros opting for holding the paddle in one hand. Front side especially I always seem to catch the paddle and get dragged into the wash cycle.
    Board reviews ( fins, rocker etc ) are great to. Shane

    • Erik -- PaddleWoo

      Sick video! I’m guessing you were talking about those backside barrels… Look at Keahi’s video from our last video contest. I think it would help to do a normal bottom turn, not slingshot, so your paddle is on your toe side. Then release your back hand and rail grab and let the paddle trail along. Everyone on the show has talked about how hard it is to get barreled backside, so you’re in good company.

      I’ll put that on my list of upcoming topics… Erik

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