Pumping surf, Unconscious Foot Awareness…

What up paddle surf freaks!  I’m all jazzed today for a few reasons…  Surf was pumping.  Unexpectedly so.  Showed up to a dawny with overhead lines from our best direction and a 4mph offshore.  Today I’m producing the Kai Lenny episode which is a good one.  We talk a lot about Kai’s motivation, competitive drive […]

Lazy Surf Day – Stroke Focus, Mindless Paddling

Surf was a bit funky this morning and time was limited.  Decided to paddle out back to the reef and get a few.  Focused on keeping technique while paddling 80-90% in choppy water.  I’m liking the kai return (read yesterday) and a focus of mine lately has been clean blade entry.  Kalama pointed that when […]