What up folks! Thanks for tuning in to the… well, this is the progression project, but its a new face for the podcast. I’ve come to a point in the show and foiling dive where its become apparent that I either need to give the project more attention, or decide to keep it as a hobby. In the last couple months I’ve received many emails and messages asking for more and better content. But that’s difficult if its just a hobby, which its been for me. I love foiling and learning and the show lets me learn from the best in foiling and other arenas and it stokes me out to share the ride.

So, after much deliberation, I’ve decided to dive in. See where it goes. To start, I’m going to up the production quality of the show. I’ve been on the what’s the easiest, fastest way to get out the content method. But now, I’ll actually start doing some editing, more prep for guests, more time sourcing interesting folks and a better job launching the content.

The website will house the content and feature a blog and forum. The blog is where I’ll track my foil thoughts and evolution in the sport and in learning. And the forum will provide a space to answer all the questions I’m receiving daily in email and dm’s on insta. Seems like such a waste not to post that info in a public sphere where everyone can benefit and a huge time saver for me instead of answering it all privately. There’s so much info out there in our community, we’ll be able to crowd source and it will help us all get better, faster.

A few notes

  • the extra effort and time means I’ll need to monetize the platform. If you’re interested in promoting your brand or service on the show and on this page, shoot me a message on the site or on instagram.
  • I’m no writer, so please don’t get hung up in the grammar.
  • I’m working on being able to transcribe the shows, but in my first few attempts (using an AI program) there are a lot of strange things popping up. If I do post them, still debating it, anything offensive or weird please attribute to the transcription. I would do it as a way to search the themes in the show, but it won’t be a 100% accurate representation.

And please hit me with any suggestions. I’m hoping this is fun and beneficial to our community.

All the best! Erik